This section of the site reports things I have found when working on cameras.

It may be old news to some, but ...

It will also include my experiences with common tasks such as re-doing light baffles.

There are many excellent resources on the web to help with repairs. Here are a few:

Repair notes

Minolta 16EE notes

Minolta 16MG notes

Minolta 200 series (110 format) notes

Refurbishing a Minoltaflex

Light seals

Resealing a Graflex cloth shutter

Making a new shutter release for an Ikonta folder


The picture below tells you why not to use cheap tools.

This was from a “$2 Shop” Jewelers Screwdriver set. The tip sheared under normal pressure while working on a Minolta 110 Zoom and took some digging out.

poor quality tools
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