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Renovating a Minoltaflex 2

This is the story of a beaten-up Minoltaflex 2 I bought off eBay quite cheaply.

The seller thought that it was worse-off that it actually was. It looked very bad because someone had partially removed the covering to get at the screws holding the focus plate. See the first photo.

The issues with the camera were:

  • The camera was dirty and it had a strange smell.
  • The covering was lifting or had been lifted - it was brittle and breaking off in bits
  • There lens was dirty and had some fungus.
  • There were rust spots in various places on the camera.
  • The shutter was running at about half speed.
  • The tube from the taking lens to the film plate was splitting - see the second picture.
  • A roll of film through the camera showed a lot of light leakage.

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