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Making a new Ikonta shutter button

Within a box of old folders I bought as the left overs from an antique shop was an Ikonta 512/2 with a 2.8 Tessar. Unfortunately it had lost its shutter button so you had to fire it from the shutter release on the front. A bit difficult on a 6x9.

The basics of a new shutter button was not too complicated although I was not intending to make it work with the double exposure system on these cameras. I chickened put when I had trouble getting the bits apart.

1. A rod with a flat plus a smaller rod with a grove.

This was made by taking two pieces of ofr, drilling the larger one and forcing the smaller one in.

It would have been simpler to turn this but my lathe was not functional.

The flat was filed by hand.


plunger plus washer

Hand cut from a brass washer

manufactured from

2. And the rod would be held in place by a retaining washer.


3. This went from the top plate through a guide and hit upon the connection to the shutter.

4. The flat was needed to go through the structure on the top plate.


5. After manufacturing the plunger, it was a matter of guiding it in and then clipping on the retaining washer. A bit fiddly.

plunger retaining washer in place
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