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Film Drying Cabinet

I have difficulty drying film without it becoming  dusty. This is partly a result of having an un-airconditioned house in a relatively dry climate. And partly it is having a couple of dogs that shed fur.

While doing renovations I made a rough plastic sleeve as a protection from serious dust but then we had to buy a new freezer that gave me the idea. It came in this excellent box. This was the ideal basis for a drying cabinet.

Not only was it tall enough but it also had a lid with strong edges plus right angle side supports. The lid was chopped down as the lid for the cabinet and one side support became the closing edge of the front panel.

I salvaged a fan from a dead computer power supply and set up a holder for a 12v lamp. As I needed a bit of current for the lamp, I reworked another computer power supply so that I had the full 12v output available as an external plug.


The basics were:

    All sides 350cm high
    3 sides 30cm wide
    1 side 29cm wide

The aim was to be able to fold the cabinet down flat for storage.  To do this I needed to have the gaffer tape down the long edges on the inside - you can see this in the shot below. The short side was needed to allow for the door side of the box.





Finally, there is the 12v lamp and the fan. From the shot to the right you will see that I put a cloth mesh over the fan inlet. This then allowed me to put a section  of tissue over the fan to provide a good level of screening of dust particles.


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